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% of the north carolina republicans did not think that president barack obama was born in america. i am glad it is that low. [laughter] the work you do for the steel workers. i had a visit with the allegheny county executive and i thank him for -- bank and for giving us a good building sleek and meet any police -- a place where you are doing the right thing. i apologize for my boys. i have been on too many airplanes last few days. -- i apologize for my voice. [applause] first, i would like to thank you for what you do and the contribution you have made to dramatically elevating the level of our public discourse and the base level of knowledge of people who participate in reading all the things you put out through the netroots nation. i keep a file with me on economics and a file on energy. i was looking for with the other day and i was stunned that the percentage of articles that i have actually kept the came from blogsites as opposed to newspapers. one reason is -- you can have more authors because your open and people have more opportunities and the full step of newspapers to write one pie
is the day i break my diet. oh, this job. how do i work with these conditions? hello, america. i have decided, because i saw the president's town hall meeting -- oh, it was rivetting. i think i have to change my thinking around this healthcare bill, because now, all of a sudden, reputable doctors are showing up to town halls, like totally reputable doctors, like totally showing their support for obama-care. >> your name? >> we're position is that we are like so for treating preventable conditions. how will it help me as a p.d.p.? >> first of all, give her a hand, because she is a primary care physician. [applause] how long have you been practicing? >> four years. >> give her another hand! glenn: i got to tell you, that was like so awesome, she was just like, there, i mean, she was like, i'm a doctor and i have doctor-like questions. that was great, and then, finally, a town haller, without that pesky cell phone interrupting sheila. it was great. i loved how sheila was spontaneous, you know, give sheila a little loving. it was great. it was unscripted. it was almost a pure moment. sheila jacks
. >> the government has plunged america from the number one nation to be number one in debt it nation on the planet. >> keep the government out of it. we are doing just fine. >> this is a vehicle. it is taking us down a path of total socialism. >> a new regime in washington would dismiss a nationwide grassroots uprising. >> [inaudible] >> if you want to be let out of here, you are welcome to go. >> i say to all of them, put your ear to the ground. a terrifying rumble is shaking this nation. listen to us, or your days are numbered. >> i want to speak my mind before i leave. >> i do not like being lied to and i do not like being lied about. >> i understand why people are angry. i am angry, too. >> across the nation, a giant is awakening that has never been defeated. that name is "we, the people." we are sleeping no more. >> we are tired of this. that is why everyone in this room is so ticked off. >> this happened in 1776 and it is happening again. americans are shouting in one voice. enough is enough. return the public to its rightful owners, the citizens of the united states of america. on this nigh
future. i wanted this stopped. i don't want it 10 years from now. >> this is about america, remember that. >> i don't have insurance but i don't want health care either. >> yes, we will. >> no, you won't. >> talk to us that don't have health care. >> this is taking away our freedom of choice. the people said that we could have freedom of choice, where is our choice in this? >> a lot of passion although here we saw something that we have not seen before and that is a strong showing from the acorn folks. we have heard about conservative groups trying to get together to organize. our cameras got here after apparently witnesses tell me that acorn sent two busloads of people. one picture in lenticular, this was shown to me from a person who is a local person. -- one picture in particular. there is nothing illegal about that except that it upset the local population. this is a strongly conservative county, they showed up to voice their opinions and ask questions and they felt that they were disenfranchised and they were not able to get their opportunity to comment. they said that the union folk
're praying for you. hello, america. i've been watching the media watch the media watch the town hall protests. do you remember the initial reaction? i believe it was astroturf. these are fake grassroots. these people aren't even real. senator barbara boxer. i like to call her babbs, says the last time she saw such nicely-dressed fake protests protests -- i don't even know what that means -- was in 2000 in florida with al gore, which, by the way i lived in florida. maybe i was responsible for that, too. that wasn't fake anger that. was real anger. fast forward to today, the fake grassroots is obviously not fake, so now that the poll numbers are going in the wrong direction and more people are getting sympathy for the people who attend these town hall meetings, the media has bailed on that fake strategy, and now have changed their opinion from this is fake anger to, man, these people are so angry they're dangerous. they don't have a gun. oh, if people have guns, we should remove all the guns. here is the one thing tonight. the radicals of the left, many of whom now work or meet at the white hou
outs hopes of a little bit, put a bank of america intraday here because the financials are starting to move just in the last 15 or 20 minutes. you see that? the volume has picked up here too. a number of the other banks. i'm just putting up bank of america as an example. what's going on? well, there isn't any news out there. remember, though, we are going to get some delinquency data next week on credit card delinquencies. i've heard some hopes out there that maybe some of the trust data as it's called might show trends that are a little bit better than expected. again, there might be hope for a last hour rally. let's go to scott standing by at the nasdaq. >> bob, thanks. we're lower for the week. now we're lower for the month of august. today we're down by 1 3/4%. that translates to a loss of some 34 points. a broad-based sell-off throughout not only technology but elsewhere. i'll take you through that in just a second. chips, for example, they've been weak throughout the day. one of the weakest spots on the nasdaq today. philadelphia semiconductor index, the s
, and i hope you enjoy it. our members make up the most active and powerful union in america. today, we are in the battle of our lives as we push congress to enact real health care reform. we are using our union's power to counter some of the union lines that are spreading from coast-to-coast. we have spent roughly $1 million in the past month alone countering those lovely friends of america, the insurance companies. we are prepared to spend that much more in the months ahead. ouróy nurses are on tv with a powerful ad advocating for real health care reform. we have put organizers and staff into key congressional districts. we will not back down from this fight. america's working families are depending on us. this month, we are joining progressives in taking our message directly to members of congress with a nationwide highway to health care campaign, a rock-and-roll theme that is crisscrossing the country. nobody had better get in our way. stop by our booth and vigorous schedule. better yet, when the rv hitch your city, on board and blog about the energy you are seeing for healthcare r
need health care in america. one of the people who really got the people have asked me, what was it like? i tell people that barack obama, the most thing that i will say is driving him is that he watched his white mother died because of inefficiency in health care in america. i think that is the number one driving force, that he does not want to see that happen to americans, white and black, across the board. and he is going to fight with everything he has got because he watched it. he does not have his mother anymore, he does not have his father anymore, and i think he wants people like me who get laid off, 10,000 of us, and know that we need health care in america. thank god for people like sharon brower, the senator who is working hard -- like sherrod brown, the senator who is working hard on behalf of the american people. i worked 45 years of my life and got laid off. people have no idea what it is like to be laid off in america if you have never been laid off. we need this, and i thank god for barack obama, sherrod brown, in the people who are fighting for our rights to
is now president of the united states of america. [applause] our senators taking over from republicans. [applause] our good friend donna edwards has banned elected to her first full term in the house of representatives with many, many more to come. [applause] i have to tell you as someone who works with netroots nation every year, we had to be ready for the alternative. we had to have our other agenda in place in case the other actions turned out otherwise. some of the panel's we had in place. "no, we didn't." food policy and the mccain era. advocating the canadian immigration process. [laughter] taking your message to the people, billboards and skywriting changed elections. rob emanuel. meet the supreme court's first supreme court justice, alberto gonzales. reforming the vice-presidential selection process, how to find the village with the biggest idiot. [laughter] [applause] on behalf of our board, i can't say enough about our tremendous staff that works year-round to put this conference together. raven brooks, karen colbern, we would not be here without you. [applause] we would not
in the route of the health care reform in america. codes of rescue are fading in typhoon-stricken taiwan 3 and 15,000 still be trapped, at least 500 dead. -- in timtyphoon-stricken taiwan. 15,000 still trapped. welcome to "bbc world news," on pbs in america and elsewhere around the world. a new brigade gets to work in afghanistan. the president pardon its five top traffickers. and theç liverpoolç and fun, singapore style. cashing in on a growing army of fans abroad. -- the liverpool anthem. hello to you. britain's national health service as a move to the center of the controversy in the u.s. over barack obama'proposeds health-care reform be and the president tries to regain. his opponents are trying to cite the british model as the way not to do it. -- barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to recover. >> president barack obama and his family said it off for another town hall-style debate on health care, but as america has wrestled with how to solve the problems with its largely insurance-based system, public systems elsewhere have been coming under fire. >> wh
-- >> it is a similar statement in town halls across america, no to socialized health care. >> the health care now are just sucks. that you have to wait six weeks for a dental appointment, have you ever seen british tea to? how can you think is good? >> how is this health care going to help hawes wen jiabao from canada and great britain are telling us -- when people from canada and great britain are telling us not to do anything? >> the reality is, it has not worked. it has made people more ill. we spend a lot of money can't -- and it gets very bad. >> there has also -- have also been tv ads forecasting british health care rationing. but there are more americans that have a more positive view. >> we do not have the chance for medical and thus repay for it. -- unless we pay for it. >> of course, a state-run health service is not even being considered by the white house. but that has not stopped u.k. citizens from being dragged into the debate. this week', the president honored stephen hawking. according to one report, the scientists would not have survived under the president's plan. stephen hawkin
in america. code of rescue are fadg in typhoon-stricken taiwa 3 and 15,000till be trapp, a least 500 dead. -- in timtyphoontricken taiwan. 15,000 still trapped. welcome to "bbc world news," on pbs in america and elsewre around the wld. a new brigadeets to rk in afghanistan. the presidenpardon its five p traffickers. and theç liverpoolç and fun, singapore style. cashing in on a growing my of fans abroa the liverpool anthem. hel toou. britn's national health seice as a move to the cente of the controvsy in the u.s. over barack obama'oposeds health-careeform be and the president tries to regain. his opponentare tryg tcite the brish model as theay not to do it -- barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to recover. >> president barack obama and hifamily said it off for another town hl-style debate on heth care,but as america has wrestled with how to solve theroblems with its largely insurance-based system, public systs elsewre have been comg under fire. what we need to do is comep with a iquely united way of providg health care, s i am not in favor of a canadian sys
and right for america. here in montana, we also know the value of an honest word. let me tell you, there is plenty of dishonesty out there about what health care reform will or will not do. now, you've all seen the tv show, mythbusters, right? i have been going around the state busting myths about health care, whether it is bogus information about rationing care, cutting benefits for sen yu y yurs or interfering with the doctor/patient relationship. these myths are being busted right open. they are just plain balogna. that's why our president is here to talk with us and help us spread the truth about health care reform. it will lower costs. it will give -- make sure every american has access to quality affordable health care. [ applause ] in closing, i want to thank all of you, the people i work for, for coming out today, for getting engaged and taking the initiative to get involved. that is the cornerstone of our democracy. that is why our nation remains the greatest on earth. >>> there you go. we are going to try and get that picture. it's almost like the interference you get fr
a fair deal when it comes to health care in america. please give max bacchus a round of applause. [applause] one of my favorite people in washington, probably because he has not gone washington, given up for john tester. he still gets the same hair cut. [applause] your own star here in montana, please give brian schweitzer and his lovely wife, nancy, a big round of applause. [applause] the lieutenant governor, john bollinger, is here. give him a big round of applause. [applause] [applause] and one of the greatest secretary of the interior is in our history, former senator for colorado, can salazar is here. it is nice to be backed, nice to break. i am thrilled to have a chance to spend some time with the folks in this beautiful state. here in montana, you have bears and moose and helped -- helped -- elk, and in washington, you have mostly bowls. so this is a nice change of pace. i especially want to thank katie for her introduction. [applause] where did katy go. there she is, right there. her willingness to talk about such a painful experience is important because it is necessary
it as part of cspan's america and the courts saturday at 7:00, eastern. >> three days of peace, love, and music. 40 years ago this weekend, half a million people gathered for woodstock. saturday, the co-founder will take us behind the scenes. that will be at 9:00 p.m., eastern, on both tv. >> how is cspan funded? >> donations? >> federal funds, grant funds? >> maybe contributions. >> austin, i don't know. >> i would say from commercials. >> advertising? >> something from the government? >> 30 years ago, america pause cable companies created cspan as a public service. it is a private business initiative with no government mandate, no government money. >> while we wait for live coverage of the netroots convention in less than one hour, conversation with one of the conservative bloggers meeting in pittsburgh this weekend from this morning's " washington journal per-ql." host: tell us what you are representing. guest: i am here to talk about conservative activism on line and become larger participants. people across the country can act with one voice. host: we have been checking with rep
from the criticisms of america's right. >>> from australia, a story on another issue that has raised passions here -- the right to die. in perth, a quadriplegic man has asked a judge to let him kill himself. tonight we have the ruling. >>> the president of taiwan raises the death toll from typhoon morakot to more than 500, amidst mounting criticism his government has been slow to help survivors. >>> and one night in bangkok is not just a hit song from the '80s. it could also describe how long it takes to go from one side of the city to the other. tonight, a report from bangkok's notorious traffic. buckle up. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible in part by the following funders -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> for weeks now, it's been topic number one in the united states. the president's ambitious plan to reform the health care system. there is probably no more controversial part of that plan than the so-called public option. supporters say it will help drive down prices by
about $13 million collectively if they would go on a tour, a ten-city tour of america, and then there's an option to have some concert ins europe. >> it's very interesting. we have the graphic up here, who gets paid what. can they do this tour without janet jackson? >> well, i think it's a whole lot less valuable. janet jackson, the baby of the family, ironically now, has taken the position of michael in the family. she is the primary bread winner, as was he in his heyday. no, i think that it would be greatly diminished if janet did not join, and i'm hearing she's a little reluctant. >> she's reluctant. why would she be reluctant? >> because that puts her in the spot that her big brother michael was in all those years, which was to be the one to be pestered, let's go on concert tour. let's go on tour because we, the brothers, need money. >> right. >> i think la toya saved her money pretty well, but the brothers did not. >> right. we hear rumors that there is this sort of not particularly -- there is some serious sibling rivalry going on behind the scenes in terms of how this potential
: president obama responded it is true. you cannot cover all the uninsured in america for three. he reiterated its promise to completely avoid raising taxes on those who earn less than 1/4 of a million dollars per year. the president has an answer. >> 2/3 of the money we can obtain just by eliminating waste and inefficiencies. the congressional budget office agreed with that, which is not something i am making up. republicans do not dispute it. the other 1/3 we would have to find additional revenue, but it would not come on the backs of the middle-class. shepard: the president said he appreciated the question and "the respectful way in which the man asked it." a nod to the reality that the meetings have become difficult at times. major garrett, there has been talk that things might get a little more rowdy. >> the audience here was first- come, first-served, unlike in new hampshire, which was by lottery. some people slept out overnight to make sure they got into the auditorium. the town is just outside of a big city in montana. the state has been trending democratic of late. the questions the p
there with the cameras, so america will see the rally. from new york, good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute chris: next on "special report, how did the white house get hundreds of e-mail addresses from people who had no interest in getting contacted. the president goes west to preach his gospel of healthcare reform. is the recession over, or are better economic numbers just a mirage? and out of the doghouse, a pro football star begins a controversial comeback in the city of brotherly love. all that, plus the fox all-stars and the fright friday lightning round. "special report" starts now. welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. we begin tonight with more on the issue of privacy, and how the white house obtained e-mail addresses for hundreds of people who never gave them to the administration to get information on healthcare reform. senior white house correspondent major garrett tried to he get some answers thursday from the president's chief spokesman. he h
and fear including this one from the supposed leader of the ohio militia. >> america, it's your wake-up call. >> i think that the president has in effect triggered fears among a fairly large number of white people in this country that they are somehow losing their country. >> reporter: officials tell my colleague pierre thomas at abc news that the president's daily threat matrix has yet to reflect a sharp increase inthreats. but white house officials privately admit deep concern and have told the secret service to keep security tight even if the president himself objects. bill and robin? >> all right, brian. so i bet there's going to be tight security and some very tough questions when president obama heads to montana later today holding the second of three town halls this week to sell and defend his health care reform plan. the president getting support from former president bill clinton, who came to his defense on thursday saying republicans are promoting fear in the health care fight. >>> senior white house correspondent jake tapper has more for us this morning. good morning, jake
and happiness belongs to america. that if i am a woman from it all i do not like choice. i enjoy being a muslim woman does not pursue happiness and these were also issues that i responded to when i was writing. >> host: in one of the reviews of the book, they made the argument that perhaps your mother ayyad delusion about herself, about the life she created, the illusion that you got sucked into it in many different ways and became a part of it is a metaphor for the illusion of iran, a country that has an image of itself and what it wishes to be and thinks it is deserving to be bought is constantly underperforming. is that what you had in mind? >> guest: i knew that in writing this book i was also responding to different feelings and emotions about iran about the concept what home is or was. but people who read the book always had insight that you necessarily did not have. i do think that we have an illusion of the past and if like my mother we become frozen and do not have a critical and dynamic conversation with the past we will never leave that past. we can change regimes every ten years and
. uh, well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. >>> full disclosure. in addition to this show, i have a radio show on air america. that's part of my responsibilities for my air america job i sometimes voice advertisements. which means i read copy promoting the goods of services of companies that pay radio stations or pay air america important the promotion. it is what people in talk radio do. one read i used to do was for a company that provides legal forms for a do it yourself living will. now, i also happen to believe a living will is a good thing to have so i have absolutely no qualms about having done that read for that ad once upon a time. in this fight i hesitate to call a debate about health care we are having as a country, getting a living will is being likened to murder or forced suicide or fascism. the conspi
all across america spewing lies about health care reform. let me set the record straight early on, these folks, i think, they are dumber than joe the plumber. >> robert gibbs may be right. we are all focusing on some of the craziness taking place at town halls and some of the politicians playing to the bases showing up at town halls when you are not getting a representative sample of actual people in the middle who show up. bill: now, there is something very disturbing about a major corporation, g.e., allowing its news division to brand americans, rationist, stupid because they oppose. i have never seen this before. folks are using their constitutional rights to protest the health care policy they believe will harm them and the country. a powerful corporation, g.e., which just received more than a billion dollars in low cost government loans, taxpayer money, demonizes the very people that provided them the cash. is that unbelievable? and the folks are noticing. so far in august, the msnbc network, the most radical left arm of nbc news is down 24% in total audience while fox news i
the senior citizen population in america. stephen a. smith is in the houston night. the national football league and the philadelphia eagles a have decided to give michael vick a second chance. are you ready to give michael vick a second chance? get your cell phones out right now and text "a" for yes and "b" for no to 622639. we'll have a big discussion on this tonight. all that, and of course the drugster is back in "psycho talk." "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead weighs in on the edwards baby daddy drama. it will be a dandy. >>> first tonight's "op ed." all right, the president. he undoubtedly was the commander in chief on health care today. he went to big sky country, belgra belgrade, montana, and told the truth again. >> this is not some government takeover. if you like your doctor you can keep seeing your doctor. this is important. i don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care but i also don't want insurance company bureaucrats meddling in your health care either. >> everybody got that? conservative talkers, you got that? come on. the guy is so clear. the presi
. i don't quite get that but they do. america is a conservative company with a small c in this way. they all say they want change but they don't want quite as much as they think they want when they get in the ballot box. and so you can't change the system and push everybody in a certain way they don't want to go. so in 2004 i said, you know, let's keep the employer-based system is because i think you need to give the american people the choice and if that's what they want, let them choose that. that's why obama's bill -- i'm such a fan of obama's bill. that's howard dean's version of healthcare, 2004. insure everybody under 30. let everybody else buy into medicare or keep their private insurance if you want. now here's what i like obama's bill. it gets back to choice. we have failed to insure people in this country not just because the insurance companies spend a lot of money with harry and lewis who have endorsed health insurance now. we failed because we tried to make the american people do something they didn't want to do. 80% of the people in this country have insurance. of tho
>>> good morning, america. and this morning, shocking new images of that deadly midair collision over the hudson river as the air traffic controller is suspended for being on the phone right before the crash. >>> a dramatic standoff ends overnight with a man who was making threats against the white house. are new threats over health care part of a troubling trend? >>> california ablaze. thousands evacuated as raging wildfires burn out of control. >>> kelly clarkson says she has no problem with her weight. so why is she suddenly thinner on a magazine cover than she is in real life? what's behind these photo fixes? ♪ smile it's a kiss >> and kenny chesney rocks central park as our summer >> and kenny chesney rocks central park as our summer concert series goes country. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> kenny is one of our favorites. looking forward to having him. good morning, everyone, alongside "gma weekend" co-anchor good to have bill weir with us. i'm robin roberts on this friday, august 14th. diane wrapping up some vacation time. >> great to see you. >>> breaking news point
here's what fun looks like for those people. ♪ this land is your land >> reporter: in america, what does it mean to be truly free? the freedom to speak. the freedom to pray. the freedom to walk around in public dressed as a giant cartoon skunk. ♪ rocky mountain high rejoice, patriots, this is the third annual rocky mountain furcon. nature-love furies, who like to do everything dressed as huggable woodland creatures, and i do mean everything. nearly 300 antramorphs turned out in their personas where one of the rare event where is having a hairy back is not only acceptable, but preferred. participants at furcon hope that this peaceful gathering will dispel the growing perception that the costume community is fraught with savagery and even violence. ♪ i'm going to knock you out ♪ mama say knock you out >> reporter: what are we? animals? >> is it possible to buy a fur suit with head and everything, on the open market? >> probably so. >> home-knit things? >> perfectly legal here in the united states to put on a giant head and big, fuzzy shoes and do what you've got to do. >> when i
plan that is right for our state and right for america. here in montana, we also know the value of an honest word. and let me tell you, there's plenty of dishonesty out there about what health care reform will or will not do. now, you've all seen the tv show, "myth busters," right? well, i've been going around the state busting myths about health care. whether it's bogus information about rationing care, cutting benefits for seniors or -- doctor and patient relationship, these outrageous myths are being questioned -- >> it appears that we're returning into technical problems at this town hall meeting in montana. it's gallatin field airport hangar. david schuster is still with me, but interesting note. senator baucus taking on first off, health insurance and what people are paying and the coverage that they're not getting. you saw pelosi and even the president now focussing the health insurance industry as perhaps the bad guy in this. >> he said it's not okay for the insurance companies to deny people with pr existing conditions coverage, it is okay for him to take a lot of contr
about the organizing for america town halls that you also went to? was that the place that would be ground zero for pushback by the white house? >> well, it perhaps was, but one of the first ones i went to in davenport, one man said, what are we doing here? we're all democrats. shouldn't we be out there trying to change minds and votes? that's one of the challenges, sort of the outgrowth of the obama campaign movement is undergoing now, how they should take this on. they were criticized by having people go to members district offices, but what they're saying is they don't want to flood these meetings and create a confrontation, but there are some democrats who want the confrontation. the ofa group is still finding its way on this. >> clearly, a balance to be struck between trying to fight back, but also turn down the temperature, which a lot of democratic lawmakers want. for your bottom line here, is this a case where because of the pi pictures and images we've been putting on television this week, that america may have gotten a very distorted picture of what's happening in the h
of c-span's america and the courts saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> this fall, and to the home to america's highest court, from the grand public places to those only accessible to the 9 justices, the supreme court, coming the first sunday in october on c-span. >> discussion now on the obama administration's trade policy, the american enterprise institute in washington post this event, is about an hour and 45 minutes. >> good morning, i'm claude barfield, scholar at the american enterprise institute, i would like to welcome you all to what is our second annual what the hell is august, we're going to hold the conference anyway. somebody reminded me of this this morning, it was just a year ago, weeks after the collapse of the talks, we decided we should take a look at what happened and maybe not wait until september. is anybody -- are we just going to have a couple of us sitting around a table? will anybody be here? my faith in the trade mafia was sustained by the fact we have 150 people signed up which is just about what we had this morning. we have a very successful morning a ye
and burial, and everybody in america knows that. i think it will be an interesting assortment of people by invitation only. and one element that i think will put a smile on the basis of both the family as well as people observing it will be the many people, special olympic athletes who have been affected, have had their lives so deeply affected by the words and works of eunice shriver. that's an element of joy and an element of sadness, with her death. >> what are you hearing about senator kennedy? >> i will give you the exact same answer that andrea gave you. obviously his health is slipping. it's obvious he is fighting a long battle with brain cancer. he had been out sailing nearly every day. he is brought down to his boat that sits in the harbor, about 100 yards off the front porch of the family compound. in the past, up until two weeks ago, he had been traveling up the hill about 150 yards to the shriver home, where he would have a late afternoon drink with his sister,erri eunice, who was suffering her own failing health at that time, and it's lit raleigh hora literally hour by hour
, bank of america, citi. and there's some discussion out there that maybe that data will be a little better than expected. >> all right. so there we go. bob pisani, thanks very much. we're down 80 points now on the dow, but it is indeed a down day and a down week as we wrap it up here today. "closing bell" is next. continuing with melissa francis. >>> it is 4:00 p.m. on wall street. do you know where your money is? welcome to "the closing bell." i'm melissa francis in for maria bartiromo and here's what we are following at the close. stocks retreating after two days of gains amid mixed economic data. although we have recovered from the lows of the day. what really spooked investors, though, was a dropping consumer sentiment raising fresh concerns about consumer spending. and oil getting crushed today along with the broader market. crude down more than $3 or 4.3% at the close to close at $67.51 a barrel. here's a look at how we finished the day on wall street. the dow closing down on the day but likely well off the lows of the session. take a look. we had been down about 130 points an
, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home, for razor sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster, and crystal clear phone service. all for just... for 6 months. it's like getting 3 services for the price of 2. that's a $180 savings over six months for the best in home entertainment. don't miss this unbeatable value 3 great services, for the price of 2. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this if fios. this is big. >>> we want sto get back to the threats against president obama. brian ross takes a look at the new concerns about the president's safety. watch this. >> reporter: outside the towering federal building in los angeles thursday, police surrounded the man driving this red volkswagen who was suspected of making threats against the president. hours later, they used tear gas and taser to remove the man who they say has mental problems. but it was another case in what some see as a disturbing pattern. >> i don't think these are simply people who are mentally ill or kind of off their rockers. i think that in a real se
it cap and tax, because that is really what it is. i do not want to unlevel the people for america, particularly when the director of theuta says if the united states doesn't by itself it will not do much. -- does it by itself it will not do much. i turn my tangent to copenhagen in december. there are international negotiations. i do not know how to get china and india to come along. if they will go along with it and we will not lose all manufacturers to china -- you understand china is in number one emitter of pollution, not the united states. they do not want to do it. india is even more adamant about doing it. then we lose their jobs. we need to get china under the umbrella and it takes a 2/3 vote in the senate to get it done. i think there is some protection for our consumers and interesindustry. >> glad to see you again today. i am a veteran. i am very proud to be a veteran. [applause] i belong to the american legion. in order for a person to be called a veteran that has to serve in the military, there are lots of people that are called veterans that cannot belong to the ameri
know town halls have been heating up. the white house says they are not a representation of how america feels overall. these not what our fox news polls say and that's next. brian: late last night, michael phelps involved in a car crash. how is he doing. details of the woman in the other car. steve: take a look at this issue '. a squirrel makes a surprise cameo. it's a photo from their vacation. you can say photo shop? no. stick around for a closer look. we will explain coming up. you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet. special interest groups are trying to block progress on health care reform, derailing the debate with myths and scare tactics. desperately trying to stop you from discovering that reform won't force you to give up your current coverage. you'll still be able to choose your doctor and insurance plan. tell congress not to let myths get in the way of fixing what's broken with health care. learn the facts at of fixing what's broken with health care. come on. good gir
. the line goes dead. she hasn't been seen since. joining me now to talk about this, michelle with "america's most wanted." and criminologist, jack lef in. jonk bankhead is with us with the georgia bureau of investigation. and richard cornwell, cristi's brother. richard, do you have any idea what could have happened to your sister here? >> well, from the evidence that's been collected thus far remote road here that your sister had walked? sounded like walked many times. >> yes. there's only a handful of houses on this road. it's a very rural area. and she did -- she liked to walk down this particular road, leaving her parents' house. and she walked for exercise. tuesday night was when the abduction occurred on the country road. >> richard, what's your plea to whoever may have done this to your sister? >> we just plead that they would have mercy on her. and return her safely back to her family. and we just want to say that we need her. and she has a 15-year-old son that needs her very much. in his life. >> richard -- >> we just pray she will be returned safely. >> we'll pray right along with
. we don't want to own homes. why not own a mortgage company? why not own the bank of america, which has 12% of the mortgage market. and i think the inventory of unsold foreclosed homes they have is going higher, not lower. now i'm going to go to john in my old home state of pennsylvania. john. >> caller: boo-yah from pittsburgh steeler country. >> holy cow. he had the horse sense to not talk about the pirates because they give that team away every day. go ahead. >> caller: steeler country. >> all right, all right. steel country. rub it in. rub it in. >> caller: all right. hey, the next generation of vehicles are going to be powered entirely or in part by lithium ion batteries just like cell phones and laptops are today. also one of the world's largest untapped reserves of lithium is located in bolivia. are there any plays today or in the future with lithium ion batteries or in the mining of lithium? >> champ, listen to me and listen good. it looks like it's sqm. that's your latin american play. they're sitting on the biggest pile of lithium in the world, other than the pharmaceutica
socialized type medicine as opposed to the free market. people across america are more engaged candis then social security, immigration reform -- i think people are very involved. in the middle of august, for the american people to be paying this much attention, they have a big problem. the more they talk, the less they convince people. >> thank you very much. now we go to a democratic strategist. it is always a pleasure to have you. i am veneered here at fox and i am in charge of carrying the nerd flag. i crunch numbers all the time, besides just sandwiches. i have to tell you, i do not know how the president arrives at his math. this is a bipartisan kind of a take with me. how do we know that limiting deductions on upper-income people is going to get used the remaining cost beyond the savings and pay this whole thing off? >> we know that the current system is unsustainable. and if i can, this notion of keeping your doctor, here is why. if we keep the status quo, a lot of these people will not keep their doctor because people will drop coverage and people will be out in the cold. the
save lives and change the face of education in america. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we begin with what might be called america's sandwich shop. it is somehow parlayed the obesity epidemic and a troubled economy into a fast food empire, but there are no super sized french fries, no double cheeseburgers dripping this calories. instead these meals are measured in inches and grams of fat and they're now selling at more than 20,000 locations coast to coast. with a home grown pitchman and of course a catchy signature chew. as john berman now reports. >> we all need to eat in boom times and busts. we get hungry no matter what happens to home prices. when the dust settles from the recession, there will still be lunch. what does this economy taste like? >> yeah. >> it tastes fast. fast food sales are projected to increase 4% this year and this might be the new anthem. >> $5. ♪ $5 foot long >> we did double digits last year despite the economy and we are up again this year. >> jeff moody is the ceo of subway. we're in a subway in milford, connecticut, but chances are there'
in health care reform in america. hopes of rescue are fading in taiwan, 15,000 my still be trapped. 11 countries in 11 days, what did hillary clinton's african odyssey achieve? welcome to bbc news mixed message just as a new antidrug begins gets underway in afghanistan, the president pardons five drug traffickers. >> funding was made possible b >> howled the englishow the engr league is cashing in on fans abroad. >> at britain's national health service has moved to the center of a controversy in the u.s. over barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to gain momentum with a campaign through four american states. the british prime minister and his wife has put on a campaign to defend the nhs. >> she is denied access to treatment for cervical cancer. her mother suffered after renal cancer became terminal. >> a hard-hitting campaign in the states but it is not there system that they're criticizing but ours. these are sponsored by right wing opposition groups. this woman was misled into taking part. she thought that it was impartial. >> your health-care stocks. >> don
of them were taken to the hospital but none of the stings were serious. >>> a warning tonight from america's food companies. a potential sugar shortage. what could happen if the obama administration doesn't act fast? >>> some car dealers resorting to dirty tricks taking advantage of buyers cashing in on their clunkers. >>> if you can't beat them, join them. a publisher renting books to students at a deep discount. how you can save. news edge at 11:00 just getting started. we're back in two. >>> olympic gold medal swimmer michael phelps has been involved in an accident. baltimore police say it happened a couple hours ago. his cadillac escalade collided with a honda accord. phelps was not hurt. the driver of the other car was ken to the hospital but only as a precaution. the accident is under investigation. >>> back over to sarah simmons we go with your fox 5 top 5. >>> a sugar shortage on the horizon. number five, some of america's biggest food companies are warning that the u.s. might virtually run out of sugar if the obama administration doesn't reduce import restrictions. right now the u
but he said america is a country of second chances. apparently so. he will return to football this fall. but football fans can be stern in their judgments. whether he deserves to come back is a subject of passionate debate. john berman is in philadelphia tonight. john? >> reporter: charlie, and there are not many decisions that could ignite passions in areas as diverse as sports, big business, and animal rights. but this one certainly has. the eagles owner says he knows he's taking a big risk, but michael vick says he will prove himself a risk worth taking. after throwing away a $100 million career -- >> why did i risk so much at the pinnacle of my career? >> reporter: after 18 months in federal prison for his role in running a dog fighting ring -- >> i had to reach a turning point, and prison definitely did it for me. >> reporter: after nothing short of public humiliation, michael vick will get the chance to prove himself, on and off the field. >> i have done some terrible things, i made a horrible mistake and now i want to be part of the solution, not the problem. >> reporter: the phi
. transitions. healthy sight in every light. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. >>> you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 5. >> oh, we've got more jon and kate plus 8. police were called to the home where jon and kate were in an argument. one source says kate called the house to find out which baby- sitter was helping out with the kids, and when she disapproved, they couple started fighting. police just helped calm things down. >>> it wasn't the first rock festival. some of the biggest bands didn't go. tickets became useless, and in new york thru-way closed. but today it's rock 'n roll mythology. for nearly half a million people who made the pilgrimage, going down to yaskar's farm will forever redefine them. visiting woodstock 40 years later. >> reporter: it was then and is now a symbol of peace, love, and happiness. >> woodstock was that flowering of an entire generation. it was the high watermark of peace and love. >> reporter: even 40 years later. >> peace, man. >> reporter: the woodstock music festival remains an iconi
and france escape recession even as consumer weakness kobls america. >> an exciting new transition. look at that. see that? >> was that like a swipe or something? >> "washington post," france and germany fend off recession. modest growth is the latest sign of global comeback. >> i think i saw willie. all right. washington times, general stanley mcchrystal. >> and "the new york times," collision last weekend between a plane and a sightseeing helicopter bears longtime rift over safety between the f.a.a. and ntsb. they say the faa is slow to react. >> we have exclusive video of the accident which will help shed light on it. "usa today," 40 years ago this week, woodstock threw about 450,000 people to a farm in bethel, new york, for three days of music, mud, and -- >> o.d.d. a lot of o.d.d. back in the day. >> also "usa today," six hours of sleep not enough. a study showing we're absolutely kidding ourselves if we think we can handle less than six hours of sleep. >> does 2 1/2 with two screaming babies -- >> you, by the way, for two years your life is a living hell. >> two years? >> i think a
of saddam hussein has not made america safer. it was an inconvenient truth, he was mercilessly attacked by the media, the democrats, the republicans, but he toad up for that and time has proven that governor dean was right. flash forward to today, governor dean is still speaking in convenient truths and still getting attacked for them. the other day, lou dobbs called him a blood-sucking leftist who should be stopped by putting stake through his heart. so he must be doing something right. governor dean is filling a critical role in this health care debate. he's been unafraid to call out the health insurance companies for their lies indites portions. he's been unafraid to call out republicans and democrats for putting health insurance companies before the american people. he refused to sacrifice good policy in the name of bipartisanship or compromise. and he refuses to say that we should settle for anything when there's a good chance we can accomplish something that we can all be proud of. having written this joint project with governor dean, you know, i think both egor and i were struck
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